Sunday, October 23, 2011


 They're smiling now but they were all fighting on who got to turn the tea cup.
 Well Parker was sure happy to be on a train!!!  I thought Elise looked so calm and sweet in this picture as well.
 Well it was 103 degrees!!!!  Yes it is October!!!  We ate a lot of ice cream and drank tons of water.  We also filled Henry's cup holders with entertainment ever and it kept him cool!
 The "Muppet Show".  It was in 3D and Elise kept trying to grab the stuff and she kept saying,"I just can't get it".  Way fun!
 Pretty Claire!!!  She went on all the scary roller coasters with Mom and Dad! 
 Hyrum's least favorite ride the ferris wheel!  He's afraid of heights.  :)
Thanks Claire for taking our picture.  Elise darted into the picture last second.


  1. Those are some great pics! I'm glad the kids had fun, even if it was more than hot hot hot! And I'm glad you got to see Buzz Light Year, Kael would be so jealous!:)

  2. The pictures are great. I love Henry's ice cream
    ..looks yummy! Sorry it was so hot.
    I love the picture of Elise - really cute of her.