Monday, September 12, 2011

Visit to Utah

 At the splash pad with Mom!  Isn't she adorable!
 The girls played with Alesha's make-up!  What a mess but they had a lot of fun.  Amara's face cracks me up...pure evil!!!
 Elise sliding down my parents stairs...claiming the whole time she was not afraid.  Now doesn't that look like sheer terror????
 Two two year olds jumping on the bed!  Boy they kept Alesha and I hopping!  Right Alesha!
 Parker and Amara's birthday's are one week apart so we celebrated together!  Yay for turning 6!!!
 Oh Henry loved his Aunt Alesha!  He was a stinker the whole time I was there but Alesha could get him to do anything....Henry did not mess with her cause she means business!
Time with Grandma!  Kael LLLLOVES her!

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  1. Hahahahaha! These pics are hilarious! It was so fun to have you come visit, It already seems like forever ago! Too bad we didn't live closer to drive each other crazy huh?!