Wednesday, June 8, 2011

School Program, Quote of The Day and More!

 Claire's Jazz choir performance.  She is on the bottom row second from the right.  She went early three days a week to school to practice for the entire year.  Claire worked really hard.  That night the choir director passed out certificates to all the kids and did not do one for Claire.  Claire was so upset after all her hard work. 
 Elise had a performance with all the second graders.  "Goin Buggy"  She was a bee.  I took the picture through a window so it's not the best.  When they first started practicing they made Elise a flower and she was soooo upset.  Obviously something happened and she became a bee.  One thing of note she knew everyone's part....I'm not kidding...every single line. 
Quote of the Day!
"Oh hey there mom."
I had to run to the school to drop something off for Claire and I saw Elise in the hallway so I quickly said hello and without looking at me that was her response.  Where's the love? :)

 Elise found a picture in a Winnie the Pooh book of all the characters having a party with pink cake, pink lemonade and a white tablecloth.  She was so excited to recreate the party and she made us "boogy/dance" before we ate the cake.  It was hilarious!  (That's my friend Kara and her baby Alice)
While my friend Kara was visiting she thought having a cheese tasting party would be fun.  So we did and the kids had a blast!

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