Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Holy COW!

So this morning we were all about to head out the door to the bus stop.  Elise (always wanting to be first) darted out the door.  Seconds later I heard a pack of dogs barking ferociously.  I freaked out because I couldn't see Elise and thought the worst.  Then I saw my neighbor on the corner through her fence calming her dogs.  Then I saw Elise just chatting away to the neighbor...perfectly fine.....whew!  I asked the neighbor what happened and she said she heard all the barking and thought there was a loose dog attacking hers and when she came out it was Elise barking at her dogs causing all of the commotion.  She was laughing though and so did I once I knew everything was ok.


  1. lol. Whoa I was worrried for a second :)

  2. That's awesome! She's definitely related to Dad, and me for that matter. This morning I lectured a squirrel on how he should find his own food and leave the bird feeder alone. Dad just talks to everything. That would have been great to see.

  3. Well I hope the dogs listened to her...
    Maybe they were having a conversation...

    Grandma Jones