Sunday, April 10, 2011

Early Easter and Elise's Birthday!

 The kids enjoying their Easter "buckets"!  They all got a clue as to where they were.  Elise was the only one who figured out the clue without help.  We celebrated early because I am going to Utah during Easter (without kids) and I didn't want to miss anything. 
 Henry enjoying his favorite fruit snacks.
 Elise holding the blue parrot she was hoping for from the easter bunny.  She has a matching red one that she loves.  She told me..."that easter bunny sure is a smart guy".
 Happy 8th Birthday Elise!  Can't believe she is eight already.  I remember when she was first born I was so shocked at how different she was from Claire.  PALE!  BALD!  BLUE EYES!  I stayed up the entire first night because I couldn't stop looking at her.  I felt an instant special bond with her.  She was the easiest baby by far of the four kids.  I truly believe it was Heavenly Father's way of increasing my love for her and to make that bond so strong to help us during the years to come.  She has a great sense of humor even when she is not trying...this girl is hilarious.  Love you Elise!
Okay I had to post this picture!  It seriously took her a minute to make a wish.  Notice the candles getting smaller and smaller!  She was dead serious about this wish!

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  1. Good thing the Easter Bunny was willing to make a special trip a week early huh?! That's so cute, you can see Parker not wasting any time diggin into his treats! I LOVE how the candles on Elise's cake are so LOW!!! She was so serious about that wish. I wonder what she wished for?