Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Day at the Pacific!

 This is the one and only picture of Parker I took.  That kid was running around like crazy.  Rolling in the sand, playing with his tractors and getting wet.  He had a blast.  I didn't bring any spare clothes because I told the kids not to go in the water.  Big MISTAKE!  I had to stop and Fred Meyer and buy Parker something dry to wear for the rest of the day.
 Henry running from the waves!  Run!  Run!  He really liked getting close to the water.  He played in the sand for a little bit but the water was more fascinating.
 Claire a top driftwood!  So cool.  Elise and her were naming all the hills after the houses in the Harry Potter books.
Elise carrying all of her little animals with her.  Good thing she didn't dump them out the container was dirty enough.  She loved climbing the sand hills and chasing waves.


  1. Oh man, It looks like you guys had such a fun time. Your kids are still so cute, I feel left out. Henry's looking pretty cool too for a 2 year old.

  2. I wish so badly we lived by the coast! It would be so nice to have that option to take the kids somewhere where they could just run around like crazy!

  3. Hey... I saw you commented on Katie H's blog about the apron. What she didn't really say all that well is that it's a give away. So you can follow the link and enter too.