Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I have the best SISTER EVER!!!

Now don't be jealous all...but Alesha spoiled me this Christmas.  Look how amazingly crafty she is!!!  I could have ten of the necklaces in every color and the trees were the best gift!  They actually came on the perfect day...we had to rid ourselves of our tree and Alesha's package came the same day.  The kids were so excited to see these trees...Elise said, "look Mom now we don't need another tree we got these!".  Also I will be sporting some amazing cardigans courtesy of Alesha from "Kim's Fashions".  I don't get new clothes very often and this was a real treat...don't get me wrong I still LOVE hand-me-downs!  :)  Thank you Alesha for making my day!  Love ya!


  1. Maybe I should start doing nice stuff for you too?

  2. I can't believe you blogged about me, too funny! I know I'm awesome but to be blog-worthy is an honor!:P I love where you put the trees, way cute! BTW, the dangle on the necklace is supposed to be at the bottom!:D