Sunday, August 15, 2010

Three Big Events in One Day!

Still no camera....maybe I'll try and use my phone to take a picture.

Well we have a new kitten named Therapy. It's a girl! We did this mostly for Elise, she's been wanting a cat her whole life. If you know Elise at all you would know this to be true. Hopefully this will help her with her emotions and obsessing over good sign she told me that she loved Therapy more than Henry. Yay!

So on my way to get our new family member I was pulled over. I saw the cop pull along side me and then slam on his brakes to get behind me to pull me over. I was of course freaking out. Then I figured "oh I think I was speeding". So the officer came to my passenger window and said, "Young Lady! You were talking on your cell phone!". Which I WASN"T!!!!!! I swore up and down and pleaded with him to believe me. And he wouldn't have it. So I said please check my phone it will show you I hadn't been talking or using it. By this time I was in tears and he was being awful. Well he looked at my phone and took my drivers license. When he returned he warned me to be paying more attention to the road and to take a deep breath(probably because of the tears). I think he realized he was wrong but wouldn't admit it.

In other big news. Elise was taking a shower and taking a rather long time. So I went to check on her and she was shaving her legs!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh! She of course had no idea what she was doing and suffered one cut. And when she saw that cut boy did she freak out! She won't be doing that again. Again where the heck is a camera when you need it?????!!!!

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  1. Oh my heck! What kind of cop was that? Jerk!!! And I can't believe you own a pet! Corbin came to me and said all he wants for Christmas is a dog yesterday. I told him Santa has to clear that with me and I told him no! He was MAD!!! I think that's funny that Elise loves the cat more than Henry now, that's relief for ya!