Saturday, February 20, 2010

A journal entry from March of last year that I thought was hilarious!

So Elise is really difficult in church half the time. Yesterday she kept singing in her opera voice "Happy Birthday" and twirling in circles. We ended up staying in the foyer and least she got it out of her system before primary. So at the end of church Relief Society ran over a bit and I was sitting by the door with my neighbor (we both have new babies). During the closing prayer we heard the door handle start to jiggle so my friend held onto the knob until the prayer was finished. Well we could hear on the other side of the door Elise saying, 'Hey! This door just won't open! I need to see my MOM!!! GRRRR!". We couldn't help but crack up during the prayer. On Friday Elise was climbing a tree in the back yard and got stuck. I offered to get her down and she said, " Just go and get Dad." I told her he was at work so she requested I get her friend Hattie's dad and I told her he was at work as well then she said, "JUST DIAL 911". I eventually was given permission to rescue her. When I asked her why she was so high in the tree she said she was just watering the branches. When my Mom asked her the story she said she was hunting dinosaurs.

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  1. you could write a book with the funny things this kid says! i got your card in the mail today and just melted when i saw henry's picture! i really do miss you guys! i swear... next house is back in camas!
    hug all the kids for me!